Ring I, Helsinki metropolitan area, Finland

Kehä I (Ring I) is the busiest highway in Finland and a major traffic hub with 80 000 - 85 000 cars per day. Caverion was responsible of HVAC, telematics and automation of the Mestarintunneli tunnel project. Mestarintunneli is a 530 m long tunnel that consists of two four-lane parallel tunnels which are connected by security tunnels. The project was a joint project between the Uusimaa Region of the Finnish Road Administration and the City of Espoo.


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Ring I has been suffering major traffic jams. The goal of the project was to ease the flow of the traffic, increase the attractiveness of the area, and to unify the city structure in Leppävaara area. Security and safety are the key areas of importance when building traffic tunnels.



  • Caverion took care of HVAC, telematics and automation of the tunnel.
  • Users safety has been priority 1 on all technology in the tunnel. Technology has been built to protect the users of the tunnel.
  • Traffic can't stop in the tunnel because it might cause security issues for the users of the tunnel. Therefore traffic control has been implemented to limit the access to the tunnel in case of traffic jams.
  • Tunnel is being kept open in case of maintenance by closing only few of the lanes. Traffic is being controlled by signposts, traffic lights and barriers.
  • Contract value approx. 11 million eur


Facts about the project

  • Mestarintunneli (tunnel) 0,53 km
  • Traffic steering during the project had to be taken into account with 80 000 - 85 000 cars bypassing every day.

Facts about Caverion's solutions
  • Ventilation and smoke exhaust. Ventilation pipe in use to ventilate exhaust fumes away from the tunnel.
  • Piping systems to direct the drifting water out of the tunnel
  • Electrical systems: certified power supply, emergency power, UPS, fire alarms, audio and telesystems, access control and safety systems
  • Telematics: Traffic control systems, traffic lights, signposts and traffic cameras
  • Automation: HVAC and traffic control automation


Contract value approx.

80 000 - 85 000
cars bypassing every day