Finavia, Finland

Finavia Corporation offers airport, traveller and air navigation services that facilitate smooth air traffic and international connections to and from Finland. The company maintains and develops 25 airports in Finland and an air navigation system that covers the entire country. An uncompromising approach to safety and a customer-driven business idea lie at the core of the company’s operations.

More than 19 million passengers go through Finavia’s airports every year. Our most important job is to ensure that our customers can enjoy travel in safe and secure conditions. Thanks to continuous development, the property undergoes rapid change projects on a regular basis. This is why dismantling as well as new construction work is a nearly everyday occurrence at the airport. Any acute device malfunctions and failures also demand rapid responses. Caverion has met all these challenges expertly. For a long time now, it has supplied us with security and safety equipment and serviced and maintained our fire detector and sprinkler systems. Caverion’s employees know how we work and the same people have worked at the airport for quite some time now.

Esko Ruotsalainen, Airport Rescue Facilities Engineer


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  • Ensuring the safety and security of more than 15 million passengers at the Helsinki Airport.


  • More than 10,000 smoke detectors, a system managed with the help of a graphical user interface
  • Fire detector systems spanning three generations integrated to a touchscreen that collects alarm data to a single place for the fire brigade’s purposes
  • The regular service and maintenance of safety systems such as fire detectors and sprinkler devices
  • The properties’ change projects
  • Caverion is the systems’ hardware supplier
  • Disciplines: Security & Safety
  • Year: since the 1990s

Since 1990s

smoke detectors