Dixi, Vantaa, Finland

Dixi is Tikkurila’s new landmark. Its first phase was completed and came into use in January 2015. The Dixi project will continue until its fourth and final phase. When completed, all of the buildings will form a complex in which the building systems are inter-linked.


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Süsteemid ja komponendid

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  • Turvatehnika 
  • Info- ja sidetehnoloogia 
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  • Kinnisvara Kasutajad - Jaekaubanus- ja logistikaettevõtted
  • Kinnisvara Kasutajad
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  • Ostukeskus


  • The design of an overall building system in a project comprising four different construction phases and several real estate companies.
  • A confined and narrow plot in the vicinity of the railway and railway station with Finland’s third heaviest traffic flow, adjacent projects and the linking and coordination of those projects.
  • The properties are occupied by a number of operators whose activities entail their respective technical challenges (a shopping centre, office, bus terminal, parking services, hotel, dry-cleaner’s, restaurants and a medical centre).
  • Energy efficient implementation of building systems.


  • A design-and-build contract model in which a single operator is responsible for designing and implementing the building system in cooperation with the client.
  • Individual spaces in the property were designed for the various operators.
  • The quality of the indoor climate was set at S2.
  • Advance agreements on the principles applied to the scope of the implementation.
  • The building system requirements were determined in cooperation with the engineers and designers, and specified as the project progressed.
  • The solutions were designed to be as flexible as possible.
  • Energy efficiency is achieved with building system solutions including electrical efficiency, restricted water consumption, the utilisation of free energy forms, LED lighting and heat recovery.
  • An application for a platinum level LEED certification for the property has been submitted.
  • Disciplines: Heating & Sanitation, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Cooling, Electricity, Security & Safety, Automation, Information and Communication Services
  • Lifespan: 2012– ongoing